About LABI

Focus: Equipping the Next Generation of leaders for a new generation of ministry.

Mission: The LABI mission is to effectively prepare men and women spiritually, intellectually, and professionally for bilingual ministry in our ever changing world.

Vision: To be a 21st Century Pentecostal school where students matter, ministry is emphasized, the Spirit is emphasized, teachers care, gifts are developed, theory and hands on meet, curriculum is delivered through non-traditional methods, and where classes are accessible through virtual classroom, online resources, and extensions.

DEGREE OFFERED: We offer an Associate degree in Bible and Ministry and a diploma in biblical studies. The classes you take at LABI aim to help shape your theological imagination and ground your Christian worldview in the Pentecostal tradition. We want to expand, challenge, and help connect the heart with the mind so that every student who graduates will boldly proclaim the gospel in any medium. Whether it is through writing, music, drama, media, teaching, and preaching, our students will take classes that help prepare them to passionately preach the gospel.


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