A Passionate Praise

A Passionate Praise

Today during Spanish Chapel the presence of the Lord was present. The Holy Spirit moved in a majestic way through the preaching of Pastor Asenath, Women’s Ministry Pastor. She encouraged us to not fight for God’s love because we already have it. The students poured out their hearts and let the Lord into their minds to take away any thoughts from the past that was interfering with their spiritual growth. As they prayed passionately, and continue to do so, they will see that they made the right decision in obeying God to take the courageous step into His plans for their lives.
Dios tiene grandes cosas y El suplida.

By: Veronica J. Rojas


NEW App + LABI = This is gonna be good!

NEW App + LABI = This is gonna be good!

Pretty soon, LABI will have it’s first app… EVER! This new tech savvy generation is going to LOVE the new app with great features to connect with LABI. PLUS, for all of us that are learning about this new “app” thing, it’s to simple and way cool. We will post when you can look for it in your app store. It’s almost live!

Picture Day!

Picture Day!

By: Jesse Zavala

Oh no! The photo was taken without you.Your moment has passed and now it is to late. So stop being so busy and learn how to capture the moment. Take time to look at life or you just might miss it…

The Will of Fire

The Will of Fire

By: Jesse Zavala
Every true Christian must love, believe, cherish and fight for the faith in Jesus Christ, as previous generations had done before them.
That Fire in us should never burn out but we should be an example to others.


By : Jesse

By: Jesse Zavala

Just like a photographer, a person doing the sound is never seen but always there. Sometimes we need to play the background in life always having that servant heart at all time in everything we do. Even when people cannot see what you are doing, you still play an important part.
People see the picture but not the photographer just like people see the stage but do not see the person running the sound.
Learn to Play the background…

LABI = The Place To Be!

By: Jessica Estrada

Hi! Thanks for visiting our blog page! Our LABI Photo Team will be adding photos (of campus life) here weekly and explaining what they mean. Here is a cover I did for our LABI brochure. It captures many different aspects of what LABI is all about. Enjoy!